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Therapy Support Grant Fund (TSGF)

Professional Support

Grant Fund

Since 2019, we have set up a small fund to help provide therapy to struggling people or those on the long list for NHS support.

We can offer therapy for up to 1 year through our Therapy Support Grant Fund. Covering the cost of a registered accredited therapist local to you, we will ensure you receive the help needed.

This is a limited service and is only available to those referred through our service. The NHS has waiting lists of up to 4 years in some parts of the UK, so they rely on charities to help; however, most existing charities only provide emotional or listening support at present. So the Inner Allies’ Fund can help eliminate the waiting list, allowing access to immediate therapy for those eligible.

1 in 4

will suffer from mental health problems in some point of their life

2 Years +

Waiting list In some boroughs for therapy support


Suicide deaths were reported in England and Wales In 2020

What We Do

Our Therapy Support Grant Fund was started to help support those struggling with poor mental health and faced with a long wait to access NHS therapy. With such long waiting lists – up to 4 years in some cases, statistics released from the Royal College of Psychiatrists suggest that one in nine people (11%) can end up in A&E.

Inner Allies is one of the very few organisations to provide funds to pay for private therapy for poor mental health sufferers. This helps a struggling NHS and offers rapid help for individuals; in some cases, this can be as little as a week.

Inner Allies Staff
Sapphy, UK

It would not be a stretch to say that Inner Allies have saved my life. For years I struggled with mental illness and despite proactively trying to overcome it, I found myself facing barriers and hurdles every which way I turned. The Inner Allies therapy grant provided me vital access to treatment for trauma that had previously not been possible. It was reassuring to finally be seen and supported by a team that have had first hand experience of these issues themselves, and can empathise and empower people to access a better quality of life

Sapphy United Kingdom


How do I get therapy

Therapy is only accessible to those referred by our partners or our volunteers

Do I have to pay

No, it is free for anyone. However, if you can afford therapy, or wish to pay, we have a service available.

Can do I get referred

Referrals can only be made by volunteers or partners and certain eligiblity criteria applies.

How long till I find a therapist

Up to 1 week depending on location

How long can I have this therapy for?

Therapy through Inner Allies can only be given up to 1 year. Otherwise, you can wish to continue sessions if you are happy to cover the costs going forward.

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