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Anytime, Anywhere

Whether its day or night, Whether you’re experiencing mental illness, thinking of suicide, want to support a family member, or provide support to someone you know, we believe that mental health support should be available to all, immediately and at no cost.

We set out to create a system that puts you at the centre, prioritising your immediate needs and communicating with you in whatever way is most comfortable. So whatever you may be going through, please drop us a text or a WhatsApp and let our team help you today.


Our Digital Support Services

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SMS Messaging

You may be charged by your carrier for SMS, if this SMS messages are not included in your Data plan. If you exceed your data plan, you may also be charged. Alternatively, you can drop us a WhatsApp message instead.

Chat to us via


Messages through WhatsApp are free of charge. However, please note that WhatsApp requires an Internet connection. You may be charged by your provider if you exceed your data plan.


Introducing Melissa

Melissa is currently in development mode and is still undergoing some improvements.

Melissa AI

Melissa is the Digital AI Triage Nurse for Inner Allies. Whilst you drop us a text, it will connect you to Melissa who will try to guide you through until you are connected to a member of staff.

Need someone to talk to? We're Here. Visit our Help Section for more information.