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Rebranding of Mind Allies


Rebranding of Mind Allies

Mind Allies was developed in response to the mental health crisis facing the UK. With suicide rates rising, especially in young men, our founder, Adam Afar, decided something had to change as the existing support network was obviously struggling under the weight of increasing demands.

As a result, the name choice - Mind Allies, was a hurried decision taken as the necessity to create a brand identity grew. However, the existing mental health charity, Mind, objected to the name, especially when Mind Allies began to gain visibility and authority. So, a change was in order … Inner Allies was born!

Inner Allies retains the readily identifiable branding of Mind Allies, while the words themselves suggest the inner, or hidden, struggle many face with their mental health, and that we, as an organisation, are their allies.

Inner Allies moves ever onwards in the fight against negative mental health, offering support, advice, and a friendly shoulder whenever we are needed.

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