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Mental Health Week 2022 - Postponed


Mental Health Week 2022 - Postponed

Every year for Mental Health Awareness Week, Inner Allies (formerly Mind Allies) hit the streets to raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health. Focusing on the main stations in London, our volunteers hand out roses, beautiful and fragrant, to people as they rush past. This small act of kindness may seem insignificant, but it brings a smile to their faces and by sharing photos of their roses on social media, it spreads a little joy to others – and that is priceless!

This year Mental Health Awareness Week falls between Monday 9 May and Sunday 15 May, and we have been given the opportunity to reach more people with our 2022 campaign. Transport for London (TfL) have allowed us to place our posters, exclusively designed for maximum impact, throughout the underground network.

In recognition of the tireless dedication shown in the last couple of years by our wonderful frontline Doctors and Nurses, we are also holding a series of events for them at St George’s Hospital in London. [Check it’s the right link please]. Focusing on their wellbeing, we want to show them the care and support that they’ve given to us all through this difficult time.

Our Roses Campaign will return for World Mental Health Day on Monday 10 October this year!

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