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Support For Yourself

If this is an emergency, please dial 999 immediately.

Otherwise, click here for more information on what to do.


Need some help?

Whether you’re looking for support for a mental health crisis, or ongoing mental illness, or even if you don’t quite know what you need, reaching out for help is the first step, and it requires a lot of strength. Let us walk with you the rest of the way.
Speak to one of our volunteers today, and remember that we’re here for you.

Crisis Support

Are you in a Crisis or require immediate support?

Feeling Anxious?

Nervous about reaching out for support? or feeling anxious? Here is an NHS Staff sharing their coping mechanism to help.

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When reaching out for support, it is essential to focus on breathing. Taking deep breaths can help your body to relax and can reduce anxiety.

Drop us a Text

Drop us a text or WhatsApp message, and one of our friendly staff will respond. We will help you and guide you through what you may be going through and will help you get the support you need.

Confidential Service

Our service is confidential; however, if we feel that you are in immediate danger, we will encourage you to reach out for support, and if you consent, we can help and get support for you.


We always take client confidentiality very seriously and pride ourselves in respecting it. If we feel someone is at immediate risk, we will encourage them to seek help, and when required to by law, may be forced to break that confidentiality. This decision is never taken lightly, and we will always let the client know in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have some questions about support, so we have put together some of the most popular questions we receive about our service.

Is this service free?
Yes. Inner Allies is a non-profit organisation built for you. Whatever we do, we will keep it free and make sure you don't ever have to go through things alone.
Is the service confidential?
Yes! Your data is very important to us and are all encrypted and secured on our systems. We will never share your data to third-party without your consent and will only share relevant information when necessary to prevent suicide or when required by law.
What is the minimum age to use this service?
This service is for anyone, from any age, anywhere within the UK. However, if you are 20 or under, we have created a new service called Teen Allies. For more information, Click Here