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Who We Are

We are Support, We are Mind Allies.

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We are here round the clock to help in a crisis every day.


Here at Inner Allies, we built a community to help you. A community with individuals who have either experience mental health problems or have a heart of gold. Anyone can take part and help us thrive.

Who We Are

We know that mental health, like physical health, can fluctuate throughout life. Our mental health can be influenced by social, physical, geographical, economic, and emotional changes, and it is important that people have access to the support they need whenever they need it. This is especially vital in times of crisis, when our mental well-being is threatened by changing circumstances. Mind Allies exists because we know that people in crisis aren’t getting the support they need, and the support that is in place is often inadequate for the mental healing that must take place over longer periods of time. We want to change that, and by acting as the first point of contact for those in crisis and the conduit for appropriate follow-through, we aim to see mental health services transformed, and stigma around mental ill health eradicated.