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Working Together to Improve Mental Health

We believe that the only way to provide mental health support to everyone who needs it in their moment of need is to work together. By collaborating in the care that we provide, proactively sharing information and resources, and using technology to streamline our services, we can improve the quality and scope of mental healthcare in the UK.

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We are all working towards building a world where no one should feel like they need to take their own life, where anyone can freely speak about their mental health without being judged or left without support.

  • National Suicide Alliance
  • Zero Suicide Alliance

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  • Inner Allies
  • Teen Allies
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Working Together to Improve Mental Health

Currently the state of emergency mental healthcare in the UK means that those in crisis are not getting the support they need immediately, and are not being followed up on. Calling different services for support and reliving trauma over and over, only to be started at the lowest levels of support with each new support provider can cause frustration and mean that people give up looking for help altogether. We want to change that.

By linking crisis mental health service providers, NHS services, and long-term mental health support, we will ensure that no one falls through the cracks. The only way to change the upward trajectory of mental health crisis and sucide is to work collaboratively, and we can provide the network and technology to do just that. Long-term mental health support, including therapy, counselling and medical services are vital to helping people live with mental illness and recover from a crisis of mental ill health.